Monday, May 15, 2017

This Ship

I have no Q-O-L, but I can sell my shell
baby rock this beat,
décor under the heat
gotta command this fleet ...

Rubies are my blood and tears
obsidian repels my fears
never mind the silent jeers...
they be falling on deaf ears

Now you see me
now you don't
for I give it what they won't
'til my clock ceases to tick
I be pulling another
magick trick..

See white rabbits, throw your dimes
'cause my dears, it ain't no crime
to be sailing to a new land -
like a scurvy-ed pirate lady
is this captains' hand ...

but my red tweed coat says I'm free
even if I crawl about 
on my swollen knees,
because baby,
In the end, I'll feel the breeze,
of the land ahoy
and the treasure's tease ...
and it's not for greed, no,

it's the prize at the end of the voyage
it's the catch at the end of the forage,
and your rubies will be mine,
when you are unkind 

for I am a demon slayer
and I've payed, with every layer,
but oppressors, see ya later
As I take this ship to the sky ..

Verse of Blurse is 


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