Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An evil santa's helper elf

A sadism propensity
Invites a public servant
to taser me
When it's easier
than to learn something new
when it's more fun
to wear
a head kicking shoe
and so when one is on
 low vibrations
devoid of hyper sensations
devoid of compassionate
easily transmittable
to evil itself ..
one becomes like
an "evil Santa"'s helper elf
of what is disguised
as supposedly help
but it's really just a system
that was
by a business
and if you're not a feasible customer
then you can
"to the left"

Where is the dawn

It's a mind barge
an electrical charge
of haunting fear
of what's at large

so powerless when
the rooster and the hen
lay toxic eggs
of demon spawn

and the light that shone
is far further away
than yesterday
than anchored in the bay

and the mood is now cantankerous
in the bleak and foggy night
in the frozen, dismal fight
in the blocking of the moonlight

and here, a loaf of bread
is a challenge to retain
and it is pined for in vain
with little to ease the pain

and the electrical charge singes on
up and down the ribcage
like demon spawn
oh mercy
where's the dawn