Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ship of wolves

no one
hears the sound
not the real sound
of growling wolfs
all around

at my feet
at my neck
at my shoulder
on the deck

where I stand
on this boat
and if I jump in the river...
then I'll shiver
then I'll choke

icy water
I'll choke on the poison
for I have awoken
into hell
this hell on earth

as it seems
and where's the floodlight?
where's the gleam
of hope
nowhere in sight

no, the lights not bright enough
but only faint
as it seems
and in the distance
I can't paddle on
for my existence

for I'm no longer strong
how much longer can I fight
when there seems no end in sight
when most ears and eyes are slight
when the empathies at half mast
remain overcast

the heart of the group
doesn't understand enough
and will only
see cheap demands
rather than the desperately reaching hand
most fail to recognize
the dire need
semi dazed by the modern
virus of greed

maybe no one will hear it
on time
and I will become
another victim
of beaurocratic crimes

that is modern humanity
that drives good hearts
to insanity
will I go like that
or will I be at peace
or will my life take
a longer lease

Now it all hangs in the balance
as I dangle on the bow
of this ship with wolves aboard it
tis the nightmare of the now
and in this, I wonder how
I will jump
when there are no life rafts

it's up to me, to swim
in the cold draft
of the night
where is the light ?
where is the right?
nowhere in sight ..

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