Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Give me a sign

Give me a sign
that you'll be alright
all I know's you have fallen
all I know's you're not there

fellow solider once beside me
you're not on the other line
and passing is the time
where there was your shine

and the light you beam on others
please be wrapped in it now
let it protect, no matter how
deep the wounds sustained
may be
please come back
to plant another tree

I was fighting my own battle
thrashing my sword in the field
didn't see you drop your shield
I was clinking so loud
there was no yield ...

please forgive me, oh sweet sister
as we're caught up in
this physical twister
that we have to both survive
'cause we have to stay alive ...

We need you here
I want us to be free ...
please hang onto grace
with me
somehow, somewhere
we'll be free

-N.M. Rose Guedes

Hope bound

Sown is the sound
of reaching, all around
and daylight in the sky
beams on, with hope
dangling up high ..

Blue and clear
it's wry -
while the air is warm
and dry

breeze is flowing through your fingers
circling 'round
it hums and lingers

every evening until dawn
the calls echo
like a song -
a bittersweet lullaby
of hope
up high
as night falls
upon the sky ..

and as the stars have written
of both rejoice and mourning
as we pause to hear the sounds
past reaching all around
to feel our feet upon the ground!
on this earth
we are bound

-N.M.Rose Guedes, 2016