Friday, January 15, 2016

Tolerance-seeking intolerant

Tolerance-seeking intolerant
whatever do you mean?
shouting injustices 
you even watched the scene

What determination can really you make?
when you're playing but a tape
of assuming, bazookas firing
only anger is aspiring 

As they fire from the ground
so you cannot hear the sound
of what the other 
is even saying
and so there you spout

You don't realize 
that your tainted eyes
will see and speak negate
as they chomp on fish bait

and so it dangles there
on the wall, in midair
and the vipers attack
and the vipers yell "raaaah!!"

Oh it hurts my heart and brain
when it's all just in vain 
and this "rainbows'" really
nothing but
acid rain ...

R.W.G. @

Sunday, January 3, 2016

No Shame (song snippet)

I have no shame anymore!
I have no shame
so, father don't bother
I have no shame anymore!
I have no shame
so. mother don't wonder
I know who loves me
know who trusts in me
I have come clean
now I be free and gone!
If you "missed the train I'm on"....