Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An evil santa's helper elf

A sadism propensity
Invites a public servant
to taser me
When it's easier
than to learn something new
when it's more fun
to wear
a head kicking shoe
and so when one is on
 low vibrations
devoid of hyper sensations
devoid of compassionate
easily transmittable
to evil itself ..
one becomes like
an "evil Santa"'s helper elf
of what is disguised
as supposedly help
but it's really just a system
that was
by a business
and if you're not a feasible customer
then you can
"to the left"

Where is the dawn

It's a mind barge
an electrical charge
of haunting fear
of what's at large

so powerless when
the rooster and the hen
lay toxic eggs
of demon spawn

and the light that shone
is far further away
than yesterday
than anchored in the bay

and the mood is now cantankerous
in the bleak and foggy night
in the frozen, dismal fight
in the blocking of the moonlight

and here, a loaf of bread
is a challenge to retain
and it is pined for in vain
with little to ease the pain

and the electrical charge singes on
up and down the ribcage
like demon spawn
oh mercy
where's the dawn


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ship of wolves

no one
hears the sound
not the real sound
of growling wolfs
all around

at my feet
at my neck
at my shoulder
on the deck

where I stand
on this boat
and if I jump in the river...
then I'll shiver
then I'll choke

icy water
I'll choke on the poison
for I have awoken
into hell
this hell on earth

as it seems
and where's the floodlight?
where's the gleam
of hope
nowhere in sight

no, the lights not bright enough
but only faint
as it seems
and in the distance
I can't paddle on
for my existence

for I'm no longer strong
how much longer can I fight
when there seems no end in sight
when most ears and eyes are slight
when the empathies at half mast
remain overcast

the heart of the group
doesn't understand enough
and will only
see cheap demands
rather than the desperately reaching hand
most fail to recognize
the dire need
semi dazed by the modern
virus of greed

maybe no one will hear it
on time
and I will become
another victim
of beaurocratic crimes

that is modern humanity
that drives good hearts
to insanity
will I go like that
or will I be at peace
or will my life take
a longer lease

Now it all hangs in the balance
as I dangle on the bow
of this ship with wolves aboard it
tis the nightmare of the now
and in this, I wonder how
I will jump
when there are no life rafts

it's up to me, to swim
in the cold draft
of the night
where is the light ?
where is the right?
nowhere in sight ..

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Clean the lair

Quell the flames 
of the broken heart
it's time to harvest
grow the art
from the gaslit flames
turned to smoke 
curling into patterns 
'round the spokes
of a bicycle wheel
turning on the game
on the game that did claim
unto acid rain
take it back you will
you must clean the air
fresh autumn chill
to suck the poison from the lair ..
turn it inside out
and then you'll know the way
play the flute
grow it now
and abolish the nay say..
Play, pain, play, 
Rain clean the way.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Butterfly Pins

meant to die
when it's devised
to shun the way
we reach

in time
we'll see
the lies
So it's better to
stick pins
the cloroformed

at every whim
to see
the glow
it's grim ..
must light
a torch
for we
to be
set free
like in the Secret of Nimh ..

but never do they sway
from their callous and
so disrespectful
is this
when they
want nothing
but to twist
you are
a mist
in the air
while they hiss

N.M. Rose Guedes

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

River bleak

Gray desolate
pitter patter spit
cold and crimson
on the breeze
twilight lit

forget me nots
lining the river
as the rapids rise
tiny pedals shiver
how to get across
impossible it is -

doves do not
make nests over here
the crows only jeer
in fear

N.M. Rose Guedes

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Miserable nook

Cold is the window glass
tough until it shatters
though it cracks and fogs
in the absence of
what matters

Clear it isn't still
and it kills the view, the thrill
and an empty pocketbook
in the cluttered, moulded

lies lies
there it lies
it lies among
the mould and

it's unaccounted for
this is surmised -
for how can one write plans
in something
by their eyes

Miserable nook
one can't even look
one can't see the book ...


Knocked off the beam
fallen off the path
back into bed
back in the bath

Imbalanced is the rhyme
ticking is the time
swallowed is sublime
as it lingers on the line

Cut are the ties that chase
fallen from grace in haste
it's hard to get back up
when your arms are weak -
it's rough 

and the beings' keeping
a tab
and the longer drawn out
the drab
the more 
it is
'til it chomps
and says
"too late!" 

I was in the air!
but now I'm in
Get me out of here!
get me out of there ...

N.M. Rose Guedes


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Give me a sign

Give me a sign
that you'll be alright
all I know's you have fallen
all I know's you're not there

fellow solider once beside me
you're not on the other line
and passing is the time
where there was your shine

and the light you beam on others
please be wrapped in it now
let it protect, no matter how
deep the wounds sustained
may be
please come back
to plant another tree

I was fighting my own battle
thrashing my sword in the field
didn't see you drop your shield
I was clinking so loud
there was no yield ...

please forgive me, oh sweet sister
as we're caught up in
this physical twister
that we have to both survive
'cause we have to stay alive ...

We need you here
I want us to be free ...
please hang onto grace
with me
somehow, somewhere
we'll be free

-N.M. Rose Guedes


Hope bound

Sown is the sound
of reaching, all around
and daylight in the sky
beams on, with hope
dangling up high ..

Blue and clear
it's wry -
while the air is warm
and dry

breeze is flowing through your fingers
circling 'round
it hums and lingers

every evening until dawn
the calls echo
like a song -
a bittersweet lullaby
of hope
up high
as night falls
upon the sky ..

and as the stars have written
of both rejoice and mourning
as we pause to hear the sounds
past reaching all around
to feel our feet upon the ground!
on this earth
we are bound

-N.M.Rose Guedes, 2016


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Splatters on the sill

on the window
on the sill
and cozy
in here
are the tears

bringing forth
an arid chill

a whisper
waiting til

the sunrise
over the hill

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Battered cells

Painted alive
or shrine
when I worship it
just to repair
on healing plants
it shall then dine
and milk thistle
and a prayer
of mercy, or two
to pay for
what's past due
is the secret
that lies
that lies
in you

the secret that lies in you
is written in a tinge
when desperation
was impinged
to keep
from becoming
the immensity
makes me cringe ...

The pain
went under recognized
but it had to move
a solidier in disguise
though a butterfly...

Yes a butterfly
with a combat shield
in snow barren fields
without much yield
with fragility concealed ...

but how long could it go on
how long could a bandage last
how long could plaster be cast
with sweat and tears
under the mask ...

and now beneath the shell
lies a frail and battered
bunch of cells
at the mercy
at the gate
this body can
no longer



Friday, January 15, 2016

Tolerance-seeking intolerant

Tolerance-seeking intolerant
whatever do you mean?
shouting injustices 
you even watched the scene

What determination can really you make?
when you're playing but a tape
of assuming, bazookas firing
only anger is aspiring 

As they fire from the ground
so you cannot hear the sound
of what the other 
is even saying
and so there you spout

You don't realize 
that your tainted eyes
will see and speak negate
as they chomp on fish bait

and so it dangles there
on the wall, in midair
and the vipers attack
and the vipers yell "raaaah!!"

Oh it hurts my heart and brain
when it's all just in vain 
and this "rainbows'" really
nothing but
acid rain ...

R.W.G. @ girloutside.org

Sunday, January 3, 2016

No Shame (song snippet)

I have no shame anymore!
I have no shame
so, father don't bother
I have no shame anymore!
I have no shame
so. mother don't wonder
I know who loves me
know who trusts in me
I have come clean
now I be free and gone!
If you "missed the train I'm on"....