Saturday, October 17, 2015

Walking away

there's no time to
less energy than time
the gas pedal has just enough
left for this 
sacred rhyme
and with that must be selfish
and with that must be tame
I cannot frolic, relentlessly
or burnt out'll be
this teeny candle 

For a split second
there's guilt
there's worry
but I must shoo 
the mental pest
'til it scurries

There is
but precious
few days
to do what I 
the most ...

I want to walk away
away, away from reciprocal speech
even with my own kind
while I'm so sick
it's a breech 
of the energy exertions
which I must keep at bay

So I don't have time
I have to say goodbye
social with akin was once good
but now it's mostly wry 
it doesn't mean I don't care
it's just 
I need
to do
what I love
before I die 

So I have to walk away
holding the candle
with the tiny, burning flame
I have to cup it in my hands
so no wind from neighbouring lands
blows it out today

holding it now
walking away

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