Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Drawn In The Tiles 2

(this is the sequel to Drawn In The Tiles, a poem I wrote about North Korea, from Heart of a Womanchild

The tiles
are broken
with truth
so long unspoken
trapped beneath
a hidden

is the pain of real
human beings
living in multi

forgotten they are
as it seems
though so desperate
for liberation

but with no end in sight
and in dismal isolation ...

That is
until a brave few
speak out
of the real agonies ..
of an unspeakable drought
the living the horrors of many

duct tapes' over their mouths
like a frozen ill at ease
smile of desperate
for if not one will
be seized

imagine living
in constant dread
to show human feelings
obvious to be had
when one's being abused
and ordered to be glad
amongst not only sad
but stark raving mad ...

there is nothing more oppressive
there is nothing more sickening
there is nothing more vile
than the truth
drawn in the tiles

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