Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Ace of spaces
be the raids
anti-heaven sent
so kneel for Lent

All of it is being done
but is there no clemency from
those who know the cause at the core
those who know the covered sun

And so that's how it feels
with a wall against your heels
and your shoulders are pinned back
stomachs' on the drying rack ...

Calling on angels
through the tunnel of fears
dark and all unknowing still
have mercy, melt these frozen tears

Oh, consideration not
some seem to have, for rabies-bitten
and the lion that's a kitten
oh so shivering and afraid

The dark and dauntless spades
are chasing Alice down a maze
and she just wants to wake up
and so not be afraid ...

-N.M. Rose Guedes