Saturday, March 7, 2015

Just Sing

Through nausea
Through heart skipping
this gravida
is fragile

Carry to term
this soul creation
don't lose
don' bleed
and plead
and chant
this last chance
incantation ..

Soul elation
slay damnation

The breeze is humming
the clock is ticking
the soldiers are drumming ..
so breathe
and sing

Through fainted-ness
Through withered-ness
through burning skin
Through cell attack

Just sing
just sing
though strength you lack
it's your last chance
call guides, and dance

While you're still standing
Let them lift you
you've waited too long
in the standing

And now
so bow
you've paid your dues
find the encrusted
Ruby shoes ..

Were you a fool
will fate be cruel
or is there one last chance to bring
destiny to the ring

Yes, please
Just sing

N.M. Rose Guedes