Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"No Strings" Isn't Good Enough

I can't sing for you 
for I want to be
a real one too
not one like you
not one like that
I will not be
the always hissing cat
under a rouse it's ok 
'cause I'm a cat

Nor will I be purring
in a lap
fat and complacent 
slow and dire

I'll be a cat in the night
under the stars shining bright
when they're burning out the light
walking on without a fright ..

Like Evel Knievel



and leaping over the fence
and crawling through the vents
because I gave my word
to never pray on
little birds

but find the scrap
whence it's appropriate
to clean up the scene
if the scene becomes discordant
underneath a tyrannical moonbeam
that claims it isn't mean ...

yeah, right ..

When pincocchio sang
"I got no strings to get me down"
he thought he was empowered
to not wear a frown
but then the frown was turned
 inside out

Vibrations make relations
that cycle back to you
that glue to the bottom
 of your shoes
that dictate everything you do
and so what's low in vibes
won't give, but suck from lives

and no strings isn't good enough
if your smile's carved out of wood
it's going to be inevitably tough
'less you make it real
and say 

-N.M. Rose Guedes

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