Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tear Gas

My guns' loaded
with tear gas
I wanna make you cry
because you shot me in the leg
as I was dancing
in the sky
with stars, and love
and harmony
and truth seeking
before the moon was full
you see ...
I guess you couldn't stand it

and so you had to cripple me
it's as you do to so many
and now I lie here bandaged ...
but I'm the Avenging Bandit
for in my hand
I have a gun
it's fully loaded
just for you

Though it's not loaded
with steel bullets
For Though Shalt Not
it's not my style..
and rising above
in style
is my true guile ...

So, even if your heart
can't make you cry
because it's black
and empty, wry

and you have no idea
what it's like to wear these shoes
what it's like to pour booze
on the wound
because the pus does ooze ...
and what's an antiseptic
after all?
I'll get back up
even if, at first, I crawl

Yes, I have tear gas
I can
Tuffy Buffy
I will
to incapacitate the vamp in you
whilst you call me it still
but do it, 'til you're blue

I'll leave you like
a tortoise in a shell
cowering in a corner as
the power of your evil exposed
has a circle of people
pointing at you

Yes, I'm chomping at the bit
to show the world how
to wake up
and stand up
for if you don't know
how real tears feel
have tear gas and
shut up

-N.M. Rose Guedes