Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sweet Star

sweet star
upon your head
you're gone now
oh so soon
you were dead
how did I know
why did I dread
that little star
would soon be far
you used to escape
but came when I called your name
now you wear your little cape
as you fly of late
it isn't fair
how could fate dare
to hurt so bad
to be so mad
it was so cursed
to be the worst
i wish i could stop it
i had you in my pocket
just yesterday
in this purse
which is my heart
and now we're far apart
and you're so far away
i couldn't even say goodbye
i wanted you to fly away
and i could not pay
and i would not have you pay
to have it my way
so all i could do, was pray
it was the least i could do
whence i feel i failed you
and at 8 o-clock
something brushed against my sweater
it wasn't just the weather
i think it was you
i feel you're happy now
i hope that it's true ...

RIP Cosmo G.
you will always be loved, and your short life grieved.
love from:
your short lived, benevolent stepmom
-N.M. Rose Guedes

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