Friday, July 25, 2014

Melodic Horizon

Oh, melodic horizon
I finally see you there
you're like a blissful, purple dusk
impending moonlight
in the air
and as my hair
flows down my back
I'm happy in this night
like a cat
purring and dancing on the fence
for my heart is
swollen, tense
with so much excitement
it's hard not to scream
"it's time to fly now
it's time to redeem"
for all the blood and sweat there lain
must make beauty of anguished pain
tis the flower wilted, ready to steep
despite the shadows' creep and the rainbows' sleep
so let the hot water pour in vain
'cause she has now returned again
I missed her so much
and she be
from the heavens of the fallen tree
betting on a miracle
for this pitch three
I still hold a magical
prayer to be free
like a moth to the flame
of a candle on the watery
banks, alongside barricades
there's hope to win the lottery
of all that represents The Dream
and so the Yin comes
like a moonbeam
Be with me
and breathe with me
I want only to fly
So free ...

-N.M. Rose Guedes

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