Wednesday, October 15, 2014


If you body is
of "faerie-ism"
oh you must take care
for gracing this cold ground
without wings
has you in
a toxic lair

and so the body pushes,
to be and live
the glue is soft
looks of porcelain
but it easily gives
and is sensitive
to sensory, sounds
and pressure abound

and so the blood flows deeply
through the veins
seen through translucent skin
as the stamina glows
and flows
like art

but withered one can be
if a faerie stuck on earth
without the warmth of the hearth
that is true home
somewhere far away ...

and locked on land we stay
and with faerie dust
we pray

Rose Whitson-Guedes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

crisp air waning

amid pressure
in the lair
albeit weakened
clouds are beacons
trap is waiting
for the ultimate

-N.M. Rose Guedes

"No Strings" Isn't Good Enough

I can't sing for you 
for I want to be
a real one too
not one like you
not one like that
I will not be
the always hissing cat
under a rouse it's ok 
'cause I'm a cat

Nor will I be purring
in a lap
fat and complacent 
slow and dire

I'll be a cat in the night
under the stars shining bright
when they're burning out the light
walking on without a fright ..

Like Evel Knievel



and leaping over the fence
and crawling through the vents
because I gave my word
to never pray on
little birds

but find the scrap
whence it's appropriate
to clean up the scene
if the scene becomes discordant
underneath a tyrannical moonbeam
that claims it isn't mean ...

yeah, right ..

When pincocchio sang
"I got no strings to get me down"
he thought he was empowered
to not wear a frown
but then the frown was turned
 inside out

Vibrations make relations
that cycle back to you
that glue to the bottom
 of your shoes
that dictate everything you do
and so what's low in vibes
won't give, but suck from lives

and no strings isn't good enough
if your smile's carved out of wood
it's going to be inevitably tough
'less you make it real
and say 

-N.M. Rose Guedes


in conversation
in pleasant relation
one can enjoy
a moment
if a moment

as you breathe
when you stop
you'll be deceased
and there won't be a moment
like this
not in that time
not one with material
tonic rhyme

So be here now
and blessed be
look outside
and see green
see trees
and breathe oxygen
into thee

This moment
and so, you see
you must hone it
enjoy it
-N.M. Rose Guedes

Final Shield

Fields of dew
under the clouds
overcast sky
and dampened shrouds

unnerved and lost
in solid belief
in something
that truly
retains the innocence
in me

tired of being mistaken for
something you see to be
i am guilty of nothing but
deep sensitivity
that cannot unleash
that cannot be reached
whence I will let it not
outside of this reality

so framed
and so angry
as ones once trusted
condemned me
in whispers behind my back
like lying down on glass
and thinking it's a
tea party

the flower
is what's meant to be
so pour hot water
over me

over my broken soul
over my weakened body
so cold
whence it's folded
and whence they were cold
declaring it's a lie
so then,
am I a lie ?

well, I stand here for real
on some level
in some way
though not yours
or even mine

the truth is
and it's real
but it's real
overlapping but
it's real
unique and never before

I cannot be hurt again
I will not be hurt again
I will not try my best
in a weakened state
and be condemned
and tied into things
that are actually separate
and let myself
accept it
and hang my head down
in shame

and though i'm not letting off
all the blame
there is a point
where fairness is breached
repeatedly ..
why do I attract it?
guess that's my responsibility ...

So, am I finished with all of it?
do I need to be reborn?
in a place where the universe can be sworn
to not let you hurt me again
to not let ME hurt me again

Music notes are like totes
to be held, and sung
through the rain
'til the final shield surrounds me
not too fancy: bold and plain
so no one, or nothing
will hurt me
ever again

-N.M. Rose Guedes

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Is It That I Love

I love you oh so deeply
that it hurts to even breathe
I love you oh so sweetly
that it has me on my knees
the hole that is in me
because you are
just make believe
cannot be filled with poison
when I cannot help but grieve
I cannot block with cheap bandages
I must clean it
and let it bleed
running water over it
until the oozing heeds
I love you oh so deeply
but you are just
make believe
what is it that I love then
what is it that I grieve?


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tear Gas

My guns' loaded
with tear gas
I wanna make you cry
because you shot me in the leg
as I was dancing
in the sky
with stars, and love
and harmony
and truth seeking
before the moon was full
you see ...
I guess you couldn't stand it

and so you had to cripple me
it's as you do to so many
and now I lie here bandaged ...
but I'm the Avenging Bandit
for in my hand
I have a gun
it's fully loaded
just for you

Though it's not loaded
with steel bullets
For Though Shalt Not
it's not my style..
and rising above
in style
is my true guile ...

So, even if your heart
can't make you cry
because it's black
and empty, wry

and you have no idea
what it's like to wear these shoes
what it's like to pour booze
on the wound
because the pus does ooze ...
and what's an antiseptic
after all?
I'll get back up
even if, at first, I crawl

Yes, I have tear gas
I can
Tuffy Buffy
I will
to incapacitate the vamp in you
whilst you call me it still
but do it, 'til you're blue

I'll leave you like
a tortoise in a shell
cowering in a corner as
the power of your evil exposed
has a circle of people
pointing at you

Yes, I'm chomping at the bit
to show the world how
to wake up
and stand up
for if you don't know
how real tears feel
have tear gas and
shut up

-N.M. Rose Guedes

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rip It Up

Rip it up
tear it up
throw it out
all shredded up

you know what was in her eyes
was only you in disguise

your idea of love was concealed
beneath the shattered "wasn't real"

So in light
it's not a fair deal
reciprocity, none
lost is the zeal ...


flip it up
take it up
face it now
wipe off the make up

you know what you wanna do's
something original
and you

so answer to no one who
doesn't deserve your heart
so true

It's time to say:



one who doesn't appreciate
one who thinks you're throwing bait
one who understands not
your lonely state

whilst they mix the cat
with the snake ...

one who won't see
with empathy true
unconditional, like a saint
or an angel, too

don't rely on others
to be what you do
for once can you give credit
where it may be due ?

So ...

rip it up
shred it up
tear it up
wipe off the make up

wear only paint if it's you
sparkle only in your shoes ...

be no more ashamed to express
in all of what only you want to dress

burn the pieces
of the torn up picture
pick the nettle
and make a tincture

of nettle and tears
be rid of other souls
shallow and unknowingly
cheap like fools gold

go for the gold
that is the real gold
pan it from the river
with a story to be told

Rip it up
shred it up
tear it up
wipe off the make up

blown up on a pedestal
in your head
but that image
is now dead
for you know
it was overfed ...

wounded heart shall not bring demise
whence with only You
It Shall Rise

glass guard up
touch no more
rise while holding
your true core

rip it up
tear it up
throw it out
all shredded up

then ignite light with a match
Rise like a phoenix
above and detached

Suncity fly
be on your way
above those who don't
deserve you anyway

The wounded womb heals with the moon
'til your reflections' clear

Soon ...

Soon ...



-N.M. Rose Guedes

Friday, July 25, 2014

Melodic Horizon

Oh, melodic horizon
I finally see you there
you're like a blissful, purple dusk
impending moonlight
in the air
and as my hair
flows down my back
I'm happy in this night
like a cat
purring and dancing on the fence
for my heart is
swollen, tense
with so much excitement
it's hard not to scream
"it's time to fly now
it's time to redeem"
for all the blood and sweat there lain
must make beauty of anguished pain
tis the flower wilted, ready to steep
despite the shadows' creep and the rainbows' sleep
so let the hot water pour in vain
'cause she has now returned again
I missed her so much
and she be
from the heavens of the fallen tree
betting on a miracle
for this pitch three
I still hold a magical
prayer to be free
like a moth to the flame
of a candle on the watery
banks, alongside barricades
there's hope to win the lottery
of all that represents The Dream
and so the Yin comes
like a moonbeam
Be with me
and breathe with me
I want only to fly
So free ...

-N.M. Rose Guedes

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sweet Star

sweet star
upon your head
you're gone now
oh so soon
you were dead
how did I know
why did I dread
that little star
would soon be far
you used to escape
but came when I called your name
now you wear your little cape
as you fly of late
it isn't fair
how could fate dare
to hurt so bad
to be so mad
it was so cursed
to be the worst
i wish i could stop it
i had you in my pocket
just yesterday
in this purse
which is my heart
and now we're far apart
and you're so far away
i couldn't even say goodbye
i wanted you to fly away
and i could not pay
and i would not have you pay
to have it my way
so all i could do, was pray
it was the least i could do
whence i feel i failed you
and at 8 o-clock
something brushed against my sweater
it wasn't just the weather
i think it was you
i feel you're happy now
i hope that it's true ...

RIP Cosmo G.
you will always be loved, and your short life grieved.
love from:
your short lived, benevolent stepmom
-N.M. Rose Guedes

Broom, Vroom!

woe is the withered nerd-rebel
practicing the rain
of all the tears
of riddles and fears
waxing and waning
in pain
and shards of sunshine rays
in theories
drizzling floodlights
moving dreary
spidey detective, profiles guise
call it both naive and wise
angry dexter girl in vain
skipping down the hidden lane
to underestimate
is as bad as
to hate
just like fish bait
is the colour of fate
there her toes do wade
and like a blade
so does the raid
again in meddling
avon peddling
whilst allergic to perfume
like sweet berries of doom
they grow around, and loom
'til she grabs a broom
up up away
per ricochet ...

-N.M. Rose Guedes

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Night mountain climb

Waning in the twilight
mourning in the moonlight
yearning in the starlight
reaching in the dark night
for that falling star
catch it if on par
creeping up on you
need to make a stew
will it be the onion
tears on cheeks
 in lieu
on that darkened mountain
climbing forth
 and through...

-N.M. Rose Guedes